Download the Full Transcript of the ARM Webinar

The ARM Interview is a transcript of a webinar on the topic of digital pathology & augmented reality microscopy that featured Dr. Liron Pantanowitz, Director of Anatomic Pathology at the University of Michigan, Dr. Dan Rudmann, Global Lead for digital pathology at Charles River Laboratories, and Gabe Siegel, the CEO of Augmentiqs, a company that develops augmented reality microscopy (ARM).

The webinar was recorded on February 25, 2021, & was the continuation of a pre-recorded webinar discussing ARM technology, and its place within digital pathology.

Link to Part 1 pre-recorded webinar

Link to Part 2 Live Q&A recording

Viewers of the pre-recorded session submitted 6 questions, and these questions were presented to Dr. Pantanowitz & Dr. Rudmann who provided their answers. Following the question & answer session, Dr. Pantanowitz and Dr. Rudmann provided their concluding thoughts and predictions for both ARM and digital pathology.

While the questions presented by viewers during the first webinar are primarily focused on the pre-recorded webinar and ARM technology, the answers provided by Dr. Pantanowitz and Dr. Rudmann, who bring the perspective from both clinical and toxicologic pathology, cover many aspects of digital pathology; making the recording of the webinar and this transcript a valuable resource for any individual interested in digital pathology.