Augmentiqs is changing the way pathologists work and collaborate with their peers with the integration of digital pathology directly within the microscope. Find out what your colleagues are saying about the microscope-based solution Augmentiqs.

  1. Augmentiqs real time speed & agility during the telepathology slide review was EXCELLENT.
    1. Often times with such e-tools there’s a significant time delay, especially during international calls.
  2. Augmentiqs clarity & microcellular identifications EXCELLENT.
    1. Camera/microscope magnification options allowed for easy review of identified lesion / cellular changes & morphometric measurements made as described by Dr. Nyska
  3. Augmentiqs ability to add extracted snapshots of pathology evaluated tissue sections to reports EXCELLENT.
    1. Offering ways to easily import pathology reviewed “cross-referenced” summaries is a clear “key” tool advantage; especially for GLP study reports & regulatory document submissions.
    2. On-screen identification of the specified “study” and participating online reviewers another pulse.
  4. Augmentiqs as a didactic anatomy & toxicology educational tool EXCELLENT.
    1. Affords Dr. Nyska opportunity to easily conduct educational “case-study” pathology review sessions on a boarder scale to our nonclinical colleagues based across GLOBAL sites. 


I am satisfied with your product because it provides clearer images compared to equipment from other providers.
S.B. Yang

Pathology Team Leader, Seegene Medical

There are several key benefits which the Augmentiqs technology has over other digital pathology methods.

  • Live real-time image sharing of the tissue between microscope and distant viewers
  • Real time annotations and morphometrics performed and viewed by all parties
  • Transmission of single frame, as opposed to uploading of entire scanned slide (WSI method), leads to low bandwidth requirements, making the entire process feasible
  • High quality images for all magnifications, full-screen viewing, large field of view
  • Cost efficient solution that integrates with user’s existing microscope
Robert Maronpot


Augmentiqs outperformed WSI and 3rd ocular cameras in benchmarks for innovation, speed, quality and value.

Dan Rudmann

DVM, PhD, DACVP, FIATP, Senior Veterinary Pathologist, Charles River Laboratories

My impressions was very good, the connection was very simple and fast. Immediately after appeared the histological section in the microscope and the possibility to share the pathological picture. We examined the lesion at low and high magnification as if we were together at the double head microscope, instead we were thousand of miles away!

Incredible is the ability to make real-time photos of the lesion and save its in few instant….. as I do from my microscope or easier!

Thank you again and congratulation to all of you to make the telepathology, the future in our field, so simple!

Precious instrument!

Rosa Mano

Head of Pathology, RTC Italy

Augmentiqs is practically solving the challenges of peer review and consultations.
Abraham Nyska

DVM, Dipl. ECVP, Fellow IATP Expert in Toxicologic Pathology

Augmentiqs has taken a microscope-centric approach to digital pathology, having developed an Open-API platform that supports the deployment of telepathology, pathology software and AI algorithms within the existing microscope.

As one of the first CROs to integrate Augmentiqs in its laboratory, ILS is pleased to offer our clients these digital pathology benefits for their preclinical studies.

Dr. David Allen

President, Integrated Laboratory Systems


An in-depth study comparing Augmentiqs to other digital pathology technologies, and the Return on Investment for routine use among distant pathologists.


“By quantifying all use of the Augmentiqs system during the study period, CRL found it had achieved annualized cost-savings of $17,640, an amount that put full ROI well within the first year of purchase. Instant communication, ability to capture high-resolution images and integrated annotation software all contributed to improving the workflow efficiency.”

  • 24.5 direct work hours saved
  • 30 cycle days reduced
  • $750 saved in shipping costs
  • $750 saved in obtaining publication grade images

Augmentiqs is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose.