Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Pathology & Augmentiqs

Which microscopes does Augmentiqs support?

Augmentiqs integrates with every infinity-corrected light microscope used by pathologists. If you have questions about a specific microscope model, please contact us.

What are the Operating Requirements for running Augmentiqs on your computer?

Augmentiqs software is installed on your existing PC, Windows 7 or higher, 64 bit. The recommended minimum operating requirements:

  • CPU: i7-6770HQ or more capable (4 cores, 8 threads)*Note: Due to recent advances in hardware, an i5 may be sufficient. Please contact Augmentiqs for specific PC questions.
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR3
  • SSD: 10GB
  • Display: Full HD (1920 by 1080-pixel resolution) display with IPS technology for proper color gamut support
  • Ports: HDMI (X1), USB 3.0 (X1), USB 2.0 (X2)
  • Graphics card that enables additional display to what is currently being used
  • Internet upload speed of at least 2MB/s.
  • Internet-facing firewall should allow outbound and inbound TCP ports 443 and 80 connections
What distinguishes Augmentiqs telepathology from a 3rd ocular camera solution?

Augmentiqs distinguishes itself in three primary ways.

  • Augmentiqs is a complete telepathology solution that includes a method for capturing the field of view. In this method, we are able to deliver a much higher image quality.
  • The field of view Augmentiqs provides is nearly identical to the field of view of the microscope. Compared to 3rd ocular cameras which only captures a narrow field of view.
  • Augmentiqs enables remote viewers to make annotations and morphometric analysis on their computer screens, with the pathologist being able to view these annotations within their microscope eyepiece.
What distinguishes Augmentiqs telepathology from whole slide imaging?

Augmentiqs is not a whole slide scanner, and thereby enables the pathologist to continue working in the normal manner on their microscope. Augmentiqs integrates within the microscope, and captures the live view of the tissue as seen in the microscope eyepiece. As the region of interest is a single frame, Augmentiqs is able to broadcast the image live to remote viewers, whereas whole slide imaging is a large file that cannot be shared in real time.

What is required for Augmentiqs telepathology to work?

Augmentiqs requires an infinity-corrected microscope and a PC. For telepathology applications, an Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of at least 3 megabytes (MB) per second is recommended for the best telepathology experience.

Is Augmentiqs GLP compliant?

Yes. Augmentiqs conforms to FDA and OECD requirements for GLP and telepathology peer review.

How secure is Augmentiqs?

Augmentiqs was designed with data security in mind.

Augmentiqs employs industry-grade encryption technologies (AES-256, NIST/NESSIE certified, ISO/IEC 18033-3 standard).

Which devices am I able to communicate with?

Augmentiqs enables sharing with most computers and phones that have an Internet connection.

How many remote viewers can connect to a telepathology call?

Unlimited viewers at any time.

Is Augmentiqs upgradable?

Augmentiqs hardware is a modular system that can be upgraded as needed with additional hardware capabilities. Augmentiqs offers digital functionality within your existing microscope eyepiece. Some of the features are standard, while others come with a different software license. The license you choose can be upgraded at any time.

What is the integration process?

Augmentiqs prides itself on offering very easy system integration. Typical placement of the Augmentiqs hardware on the microscope takes 60 seconds. After plugging in and turning on, software setup and calibration is just a few minutes.

What if I need technical support?

Augmentiqs offers unlimited email and phone support for the first 30 days after receiving the system. Augmentiqs also offers multiple support packages. Please contact us for additional information.

Does Augmentiqs provide training assistance?

Yes, Augmentiqs provides training as part of the technical support package.

Can a 3rd party algorithm be integrated inside Augmentiqs

Yes. Augmentiqs supports the deployment of any digital pathology software algorithm. 
For additional questions on digital pathology application development, please download the Augmentiqs Software Development kit.

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