Augmentiqs provides a combined hardware & software solution for real time telepathology from the existing microscope.

Augmentiqs is an easily integrated and highly cost-efficient solution for real time telepathology from the existing microscope. Augmentiqs includes both the microscope camera and telepathology software, enabling pathologists to instantly share a live and full field of view image from the existing microscope with colleagues across the globe – in a single, easy to use package.

By focusing on the live region of interest in the microscope without having to scan a digital slide, Augmentiqs is able to utilize a low-data transfer approach while acting as a virtual double-headed microscope. The result is remote viewers who are viewing the same image with full pixel quality (lossless compression).

Augmentiqs telepathology is being used by labs for frozen sections, online peer review and other clinical & preclinical applications.


With its unique optical and software qualities, Augmentiqs offers pathologists the most benefits for real-time consultations.

  • The Augmentiqs camera captures a field of view similar in proportions to the view of the microscope, enabling users to share a relevant image with the remote participants.
  • The Augmentiqs camera and the eyepiece of the microscope are always open to the light from the microscope. The pathologist can work the microscope from the eyepeice while remote viewers are viewing the slide as well.
  • Augmentiqs utilizes a unique IP protocol ensuring all remote viewers receive a digital pathology-grade image on their computer screen – regardless of individual bandwidth.
  • Augmentiqs enables multi-directional annotations, morphometrics, quantitative toolsets or AI directly on the image. An optional feature unique to ARM is augmented reality of the optical plane, allowing all annotations from the remote participants to appear directly in the microscope.

With Augmentiqs, an unlimited number of remote participants can securely connect to your microscope via our Remote Viewer Software.

Augmentiqs outperformed WSI & 3rd ocular cameras for innovation, speed, quality & value.
Dan Rudmann
Senior Veterinary Pathologist, Charles River Laboratories
Augmentiqs offers excellent image quality, fast transmission, new innovative features, annotation sharing …
Robert Stapp
Pathology Informatics, Thomas Jefferson Universit

Telepathology for every instance & location

Augmentiqs keeps pathologists connected even when they’re away from the computer. Quickly share annotated images with colleagues on the go with a single-click solution for sending images to SMS and email.

Telepathology for GLP Studies & HIPAA Compliance

Augmentiqs telepathology is used by CROs for GLP studies & peer review, as well as by clinical labs. Listen to the input of CRL Senior Pathologist Dr. Dan Rudmann on the use of Augmentiqs for peer review.

Opinion paper by CRL on the use of Augmentiqs telepathology for GLP peer review studies
Paper published in the Journal of Toxicologic Pathology on Augmentiqs telepathology for toxicology studies

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