real time telepathology

Real Time Telepathology

Augmentiqs is the leader in real-time telepathology solutions.
It’s time to enhance your lab’s collaboration capabilities.

Augmentiqs real time telepathology enables pathologists to share a live image from the microscope with colleagues across the globe. By focusing on the region of interest and not scanning, Augmentiqs is your new virtual double-headed microscope.

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Unlimited number of remote viewers

Whether you wish to perform a quick consult or conduct a virtual tumor board, Augmentiqs is a real time telepathology solution that enables an unlimited number of participants to join the discussion. All remote participants are able to interact, perform annotations and save high quality images directly to their computers, regardless of their specific Internet latency.

Full view telepathology

The Augmentiqs camera offers high definition images with the widest field of view in the industry. Share with remote viewers an almost 1:1 view of the tissue as seen within the ocular lens, and enable them to view a comparable image with what is seen within the scope.

Choose the way you want to work

Pathologists broadcasting during a real-time telepathology session can view all annotations made by remote participants as a digital overlay of the optical plane within the eyepiece, or use an adjacent screen to see exactly what all remote viewers see.

Remote pathologists can interact in a live and dynamic telepathology session with both sides making and viewing annotations, or receive images from the microscope stage directly to their cell phone.

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Safe and secure data

Augmentiqs was built with data security in mind. A dedicated client server and fully separate audio and visual channels keep  telepathology discussions secure. Regular software updates ensure the system is always protected, while internal safeguards ensure third-party and in-house apps can access data only in ways that are authorized by the user.

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All tools included

Whether you wish to download images to your computer and insert them into a report, perform morphometrics, or make annotations for all remote participants to view, the Augmentiqs annotation tools are intuitive and easy to use.

  • Annotations
  • Morpometrics
  • Quantitative toolsets
  • Image download

Download an article published in the Journal of Toxicologic Pathology on the use of real-time telepathology in peer review.

Augmentiqs is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose.