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Augmentiqs P-PACS Reporting

Simple and accurate diagnostic reporting

Enhance your workflow speed with Augmentiqs integrated P-PACS reporting. Inline image acquisition, patient data, and integrated voice recognition enable you to create user-defined reports with embedded case images and patient data. Eliminate manual entry from the diagnostic reporting – while working at your microscope.

Accelerate Results Delivery

Time is of the essence. Delays can slow the diagnostic process. With Augmentiqs PPACS, your diagnostic reports are completed faster with more clinical context for timely patient service and improved quality of care:

  • Choose your region of interest
    • Integrate voice to text capabilities
    • Clinical context, measurements and digital pathology toolsets
    • Key images captured directly in report
  • Review and approve the report to sign off
    • Structured reports can automatically route back to originating HIS or EMR


Benefits Throughout Your Lab

Augmentiqs PPACS takes productivity and satisfaction to new levels.


  • Simple and fast report generation
  • Integrated within existing workflow
  • Minimized manual entry for more accurate data
  • Enhanced clinical value, as measurements and annotations are included in image

  • Reduced costs and better outcomes
  • Better service to referring and clinicians with quicker report turnaround
  • Single system for ease of management and training

  • Content-rich reports that include key images and data
  • Quicker report turn-around time, allowing timely patient service and enhanced quality of care