Remote Telepathology for Frozen Sections

Remote Telepathology for Frozen Sections

Augmentiqs is used by anatomic and surgical pathology labs as a low-cost and highly efficient solution of remote telepathology for frozen sections.

Every minute in the operating room costs money. The time spent waiting for a pathology diagnosis is a significant expense, while the quality of the tissue quickly deteriorates.

The ability to perform immediate consultations with remote experts directly from the microscope is essential for keeping costs low and quality of care high. Augmentiqs is a complete solution for frozen section telepathology that integrates within the existing microscope.


The Cost of Frozen Sections

Just how valuable is remote telepathology for frozen sections? According to a 2014 study conducted in California, the cost per minute of the Operating Room reached $37.  Yet more importantly than actual dollar amount, the Operating Room as a whole accounts for 40% of total hospital expenses, yet generates 70% of the revenue. Remote telepathology can reduce Operating Room expenditures by providing surgeons with real-time feedback from the pathologist.

In order to limit the amount of idle time in the Operating Room, and due to the nature of the procedure and speed of tissue deterioration, the frozen section is designed to be processed and diagnosed as fast as possible. Staining of the tissue is done in just several minutes, compared to the typical staining process which last many hours.  This is despite the significant reduction in stain quality and pathologist ability to diagnose.

Augmentiqs is a telepathology solution for frozen sections that fits the needs of the surgeon, pathologist and hospital administration.

Augmentiqs supports frozen section pathology diagnosis by providing remote experts with a live feed of the tissue as seen in the microscope. The multi-directional telepathology software enables the remote pathologists to point out, mark and annotate different areas on the slide for surgeon review.

Augmentiqs is easily integrated within the accessory port of the microscope, saving the expense of C-mounts & trinocular heads.

And as Augmentiqs does not scan the slide, but rather transfers only the region of interest as seen within the microscope eyepiece, the resulting low-data footprint with industry-standard security protocols allows for immediate and real-time image transfer without any need for concerns regarding HIPAA compliancy.


Augmentiqs telepathology is USED ON A DAILY BASIS for frozen section consultation 

The benefits Augmentiqs brings us includes greater time savings compared to previous methods,… (i.e. 30-40 min travel time back to the hospital).



By utilizing remote telepathology via a live microscope system, idle time in the operating room will be reduced and the quality of the frozen section diagnosis will be increased. 


Augmentiqs has been the subject of an intensive ROI study for telepathology.

Learn how one lab obtained a complete Return on investment well within the first year.



  • Single plug & play solution 
  • Fits your existing microscope
  • Unique login for each user
  • No scanning required
  • High resolution camera
  • Multi-directional annotations to instruct surgeon & staff
  • No HIPAA concerns, no IT problems
  • Automatic objective detection
  • Lossless compression image transfer
  • Highly cost-effective



Augmentiqs has been the subject of an intensive ROI study for telepathology.

Learn how one lab obtained a complete Return on investment well within the first year.

Frozen Section Telepathology & Immediate Consultation


Learn more about Augmentiqs and HIPPA Compliant Telepathology

Augmentiqs is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose.


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