pathology workflow enhancement

Pathology Workflow Enhancement

Everything you need to work faster

By integrating pathology workflow enhancement tools within the existing microscope, Augmentiqs transforms the microscope into a smart device – enabling pathologists to work faster, more efficiently and reach better clinical outcomes. Pathologists who have integrated Augmentiqs are doing more with fewer resources.


Augmentiqs offers the most advanced solution for real-time telepathology. Instantly share the live field of view with an unlimited number of remote parties.
With Augmentiqs, all remote parties can make and view annotations, save images directly to their computer and perform advanced cell analysis.

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Morphometrics & Annotations

Augmentiqs allows pathologists to instantly measure and annotate the tissue sample. All annotations can be performed within the microscope eyepiece via an augmented reality of the optical plane, or on an adjacent computer screen.

Data Commercialization

Augmentiqs enables laboratories to collect images and relevant data while the pathologists works in their normal routine. Within a short period of time, laboratories can build large databases comprised of regions of interest that can be utilized for libraries and pathology algorithms.

Automatic Reporting

Increase case throughput by automating the case report. Augmentiqs enables pathologists to automatically embed images into customizable reports.


Send images of the tissue to a colleague’s cell phone directly from the microscope stage. Annotated images arrive instantly to SMS, making it one of the ideal tools for quick examination of frozen sections.

ImageJ & 3rd party software

Augmentiqs supports ImageJ algorithms. Make use of cell counting, nuclei segmentation and other advanced analytical tools in your existing workflow.

Whole Slide Scanning

For labs looking to manually scan entire slides, Augmentiqs supports this feature with a camera with the largest field of view. The Augmentiqs camera captures a nearly identical view as the microscope eyepiece, making the scanning process extremely quick.

Augmentiqs has created the first digital pathology ecosystem that functions inside the existing microscope. Similar in concept to a mobile phone app store, pathologists can decide which tools best suite their needs.

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